Updated photos and links

Wood XMas Boxes1I’ve rearrainged some photos in the gallery with better, brighter pictures than before. The Facebook site is up and active and I think I need to create a business account next. Recent sale of the 2 large Christmas boxes is encouraging that there is a market for my work. I wonder if friends/family realize that all these are for sale? Come on people! Bless you and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! JT

Finally on Facebook

Well I caved in to the pressure of marketing media in today’s environment and set up a FB account. Like me today! Jim Tharp

My first consignment was a success and I hope someone else will enjoy a memory burned into wood or a hand carved personal favorite, bird, flower, religion, etc.  Send me an email to blackhawk.wooddesigns@gmail.com

New work posted in photo gallery

Scheduled for a demo on Jan 4th at Woodcrafters in PDX.


New available wood

Woodcraft hummingbirds final2the last photo posted today in the photo album shows a variety of available wood types and designs for relief carving and wood burning. I can create pictures of pets (great memorials), birds, animals, religious objects, sports teams, etc. as shown in the Photobucket site reference in the blog.

If you are interested please contact me via the g-mail address on the page.

Thank you,


1st Consignment

Woodcraft Martha bear 004Well it’s official, I’ve completed my first consignment piece for a friend. In the photo album there is a woodburning of Martha the Bear captured in the desert of Arizona. I hope you enjoy it. Well it’s December 5th and the presentation was a success. I’m so glad she liked it and I look forward to do more pieces for anyone interested?



Hi, my name is Jim Tharp and I started relief carving about 1 1/2 years ago. I’ve been into pyrography (wood burning) for a long time and the walking sticks I’ve done go back about 20 years along with some of the personal plaques made for family & friends.

My first carving was the tall Santa in December 2011 done with nothing but a set of 30 year old X-Acto knives just to see if it was something I might like. I then got a couple of Flex-cut blades for Christmas and started relief carving of the birds. Since then I’ve filled 2 tool boxes with assorted knives (and protective gloves!), gouges, files, saws, rotary tools as I find a need to take my skills to higher levels. The most recent item completed as of Summer 2013 is the panel of hummingbirds and I’m currently working on the Rhododendron relief.

I have about 15 ongoing projects and I travel around the Northwest talking to other woodcarvers and craftsmen who are willing to share their knowledge and ideas. I prefer to use found/castoff wood from store bins or forest floor as well as basswood purchased as needed.

In talking to other people I have helped them in purchases of beginner sets of carving knives and basic starter items (protective gloves!) so they can find their own paths in woodworking.

My direction is to begin consignment projects such as pet portraits as shown in my pictures of our cat JuJu as well as any favorite animal, bird, religious or sports theme carving or burning. Prices will be negotiated depending on time and scope of project.

Jim Tharp